Saturday, May 22, 2010

And So This Journey Begins Again

Monday, 17th of May 2010

It's three days after my 31st Birthday and I find myself once again having an MRI done. This time it's the spine they are concentrating on. My particular kind of brain tumor feeds or grows of the Meninges or covering of the Brain and Spinal Cord so once you have one tumor you're at considerable risk for another in any area that has Meninges.

Having said that I've had pretty severe neck/back pain for some years but it only increases gradually and so your body just adjusts. It's never really slowed me down. Once the Brain Tumor was discovered in my naive mind I lumped all that pain together, the head and the neck. Surely a massive brain tumor can do all that ;) When the migraines slowly left after the brain surgery I knew that the neck pain wasn't far behind so I never gave it much more thought...that is until it hurt.

When, eventually, I didn't have a whole lot of feeling in my left hand, I figured it might just warrant a trip to the doctor. Hey I have my limits ;) Basically he said he thought it was an injury but (oh how I'm beginning to hate those buts) due to my history (aka. Egore the brain tumor) let's get an MRI.

I guess I didn't learn a whole lot from the first go around because once again I waited a couple of weeks to have it done. Seriously what is up with that. I cancelled a couple of times because the timing wasn't convenient, another time because I was sick and almost didn't go today. But I did. I was on the table, on the MRI tube table people for 3hrs. Take it from someone who's had umpteen dozen (yes I just said umpteen dozen, that's a lot, for those who don't know :) MRI's that is WAY too long. Did it alert me...heck no...I just thought those techs had NO clue what they were doing. I was more distressed about not being on time to pick Bray up from school. Didn't give it a whole lot more thought. Sure I was nervous, who wouldn't be, this road is altogether too familiar. To strike twice though, what are the odds of that, within a six month period. I wasn't too worked up over it.

This Brain Tumor Chick couldn't have been more wrong :(


4boys2raise said...

You are in my constant thoughts and prayers. Nothing I can say will help or make it go away.. you are an amazing woman..with tremendous abilities to cope with very hard situations.. it must feel like sink or swim, girl.. you not only swim, you freakin' tred water. Show these doc's what a miracle looks like.

Jim Dame said...

I can't believe that you are having to go through this again, but I know you are strong and going to whip this with the Lord's help. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Priesthood power is real, get blessings as needed. Miracles happen ALL THE TIME! Keep your Faith strong.

The Mom-tage said...

I just followed Elodie's link over here from when she made the post about the last time in Nov. I will be praying and following you.

Dana Ellis
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