Saturday, November 7, 2009

From the Diary of a Brain Tumor Chick

Monday, October 26th 2009-

5.40 a.m. I'm leaving to go in for what my neurologist and I think are your 'run of the mill' tests that are just to make sure we are not looking at more than a 'weird' migraine. I'm not nervous. I, at that point, am absolutely sure the tests are going to be OK and negative for anything abnormal. Everyone else, though, is nervous. Looking back maybe I should have been too.

I had an MRI and MRA, during which the tech came in and started asking lots of questions about the left side of my head. Still not nervous, but it does peak my interest, unbelievably I'm still explaining it away in my mind. "She just sees my eardrum reconstruction that I had done to my left ear when I was 7". All doctors who have seen it say that it looks strange. "She just never seen an ear that looks like mine", my mind said.

9.30 a.m I'm home and other than a few calls to what I now call (lovingly) the essentials in my life, I really don't give the tests I just had done, much more thought.

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